Digital travel guides

Organizing a trip has never been so easy. A single document with all the information you need for a perfect holiday in Italy, Europe or over the world!

Advice, itineraries and maps for travel around the world

Each travel guide is a digital PDF dedicated to one destination. Inside you will find:

  • the best times to go
  • information on how to reach your destination
  • what to see and the attractions not to be missed
  • complete itineraries for trips of 1, 2 or more days
  • unusual and particular itineraries
  • link to purchase tickets and admissions before departure
  • advice on areas to sleep
  • advice on where to eat and how to get around
  • map with all the attractions and places mentioned
  • local pills: suggestions after our travels.

We are the faces of JTP

HI! We are Jessica and Roberta, Travel Designers and travel consultants.

After years spent organizing our holidays step by step, we have decided to make our experience available to people like you who love to travel.

We support our travelers in organizing a trip . Based on your requests, we find the most advantageous and convenient travel solutions for your destination.

When you think about a trip, you feel an emotion. Well, that's what you will experience through our itineraries. We are committed to crafting a day-by-day travel itinerary tailored just for you.