Who we are

HI! We are Jessica and Roberta, the faces of Jimo Travel Planning

About Us Jimo Travel Planning

We are travel consultants , or rather Travel Planners and Designers .

What does it mean? Simple, we let you discover the world with unique travel itineraries, tailor-made for you.

After years of planning our holidays step by step, we have decided to make our experience available to people like you who love to travel.

Only one detail was missing: the name! One afternoon, in front of a coffee, here's the idea. Born from a linguistic misunderstanding between two Italians.

Yes, because GIMO means let's go in one  Italian dialect. Hence the name of our brand Jimo Travel Planning.

Our Travel Planning service consists of support our travelers in organizing their trip . Based on requests, we find the most advantageous and convenient travel solutions for each destination. We are committed to giving life to a tailor-made day-by-day travel itinerary.

Furthermore, for DIY travel lovers we continuously create essential digital travel guides in which we include all the useful advice and information to organize a perfect trip!

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